Copyright law

Can logos be registered and how copyright protects logos? Logo copyright is the subject of many enquiries we receive. This page deals with the common questions surrounding this subject.
Free PDF fact sheet packs covering copyright law, copyright notices, using other people's work, how to deal with copyright infringement, copyright registration forms and the registration process.
Intellectual property (or IP) refers to creative work which can be treated as an asset or physical property. Intellectual property rights fall principally into four main areas; copyright, trademarks, design rights and patents....
Understanding copyright law 101 - a simple, easy to understand introductory guide to copyright rules and international IP legislation.
Easy to understand guide to Copyright Law, explaining the principal legislation covering copyright in the United Kingdom, the types of work protected, duration of protection, owner rights, and fair dealing exception. || The UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 is the principal legislation covering intellectual property rights in the United Kingdom. The law gives the creators of literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works, sound recordings, broadcasts, films and typographical arrangement of published editions, rights to control the ways in which their material may be used...
The Berne Convention is the primary international legislation covering copyright protection. This fact sheet explains the Berne Convention and how the rules of the convention are applied.
Explaining the copyright law concept of fair use, which sets out actions which may be allowable under certain circumstance. Also known as fair dealing, free use or fair practice.
How long does copyright last? Fact sheet covering the duration of copyright protection under law for the various work types.
Exploring the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC), why it was needed, what it specifies, and link to full text for deeper research.
Names, titles and short phrases are not generally considered unique enough to be awarded copyright protection in their own right. This fact sheet explains the legal position,and what cover is available
The ten most common copyright myths, misconceptions or misunderstandings about copyright.
Summary of UK copyright law, the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988