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We are a well established copyright registration facility, protecting the work of copyright owners all over the world.

Copyright Witness Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales, Company No. 5016564. Trading as UK Copyright Service (for our UK clients) & Copyright Witness internationally.

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The service was established to provide a simple, quick and totally secure way to register your work and secure evidence of copyright ownership.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality of service, while keeping the cost of registration and administration affordable for all.

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Original conceived in 1999, following concerns about the lack of quality evidence and the absence of direct government provision. The service officially launched in 2000, initially as a UK service, but quickly evolved into a fully international service and we have been accepting registrations from all over the world since 2003.

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Our Standards

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We aim to always provide the highest service standards and supply the best quality service of its type.
Our security and confidentiality policies ensure the privacy of your data, whilst our safe storage procedures ensure secure and safe storage of works that you deposit with us.

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