Acting as authorised agent

Registering on behalf of the copyright owner

Some copyright owners will prefer their solicitor, publisher, recording company or agent to deal with copyright registration for them. It is quite common, particularly among solicitors, for an individual or company to act as authorised agent and register work on someone else’s behalf.

If you are acting as authorised agent, there are two ways that application forms can be completed depending on if you wish the Copyright Witness account holder to be you (the authorised agent) or the copyright owner.

Copyright owner as account holder

Use this option if your role is only to submit the work for registration and you wish the copyright owner to received all correspondence, future communications and notifications.

Agent as account holder

Use this option if your role is to manage the account on an ongoing basis and you wish all correspondence (including invoices) to be sent to you.


  • Invoicing* If the party that pays for the registration is not the account holder, the person who made payment will also be sent notification and/or invoice for the payment.
  • Regardless of who the account holder is, in the part of the form referring to the work being registered. (section 3 on postal forms, part 2 of the online registration process) the actual copyright owner’s name should always be entered in the ‘copyright owner’ field.