Coronavirus information

Wearing mask to protect others
Minimising disruption during this period.

Our staff are mostly able to work from home using a private secure network that we use to connect and communicate between the homes/sites. Our staff are also advised to keep safe (social distancing, washing hands, protective equipment where required, etc.) whenever they are outside their homes, and to self isolate if they or member of their household is infected.

With the measures/structure we have in place we expect to be able to keep up with our clients needs and our hope is that you will not notice any disruption as a client.

Extended grace period for renewal of expiring registrations.

We recognise that some people will be finding themselves in very financially challenging situations; either directly from being unable to work due to illness, or indirectly due to the impact of the preventative measures that have hit businesses and jobs with many people being laid off or having their hours reduced.

If you are affected by any of these issues and require additional time, please get in touch and let us know. We will be happy to wait and allow you to renew later, once you have had a chance to get back to your feet.

Status updates.

During the course of the pandemic, we will be maintaining this page and a 'Coronavirus current status' section on our website home page, and will update these if there is any impact to our service.