Postal registration update guidance

When to use this form

This form allows you to register a new revision of your work as part of your existing registration. This secures independent evidence of date and content of the updated work, whilst still retaining the original registration date and evidence for your existing work.

This form is only used to modify an existing registration. Do not attempt to use this form to register new work, please use form F-01 for new registrations.

How update a registration by post

Complete the form on-screen

Confirm your details & print the form

Sign and date the completed form

The form must be signed by the account holder (or authorised agent).

Send the completed form, a copy of your updated work, and payment to:

Copyright Witness - Registrations

4 Tavistock Avenue



OX11 8NA

United Kingdom

Your existing registration date, registration duration and expiry date will remain the same. Updates processed using this form are linked with your existing registration, and protected from the date we process this application.


This form should be completed and printed online. For completion by hand it is also available as a PDF file. Download PDF file

For security reasons we require that the supplied account holder details match our records. Should any of the details not match our records, we may contact you for additional information to confirm your identity and right to the work.


The current charge for updates via postal application is £27.00 per work. Media types that involve additional processing will also incur an additional fee to cover the extra time involved in processing these types of works. Please see our registration format pages for details on accepted media types and fees.

All charges are in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP). All charges include VAT.

Please make cheques/postal orders/international money orders for UK Pounds Sterling (GBP), and made payable to ‘Copyright Witness’.

We accept most major credit/debit cards.

We accept most major credit and debit cards